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The Xerox Pension Schemes

This website contains information for current and former employees as shown below.

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Current employees

If you are currently working for Xerox, you can find information here about the BlackRock Pension Plans – the pension scheme currently open to employees of the Company.

  • The BlackRock Pension Plans – the BlackRock Main Pension Plan and the BlackRock Auto-Enrolment Pension Plan.

    If you are currently a member of the BlackRock Main Pension Plan but were previously in the Xerox Final Salary Pension Scheme or Xerox FundXtra, you can also find out about the benefits you earned in either of these schemes.

Former employees and pensioners

If you are a former Xerox employee with an entitlement to a pension from one of the Company's pension schemes, this website also provides information for you about your Xerox pension. There is also a section for pensioners of the Xerox Final Salary Pension Scheme.