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Auto-enrolment to a pension plan

The Government introduced auto-enrolment in October 2012, requiring all employers to enrol eligible UK employees automatically into a pension plan, which must meet minimum requirements.

New employees are automatically enrolled in The AE Plan on the first calendar day of the third month after they become eligible for auto-enrolment.

Click here for information about The AE Plan.

Members of The AE Plan can opt out at any time and apply to join The Main Plan, which offers much more generous Company contributions. Click on the link at the bottom of the page for more information about The Main Plan.

Employees who opt out will be re-enrolled

Employees who are auto-enrolled have the option to opt out at any time. If you have opted out and are currently not a member of either of The Main or AE Plans, you will be automatically re-enrolled in The AE Plan a later date (usually every three years), in line with legal requirements.

You can opt-out again if you feel it’s still not right for you. However, at Xerox, we believe that pensions are an important benefit and would encourage all employees to remain in a pension plan if at all possible.

Even if you have currently opted out, you still have the opportunity to join The Main Plan at any time.

Click here for information about The Main Plan.