Trustees & Advisers

There is provision for eight Trustee Directors, four of whom, including the Chairman, are appointed by the Company and are known as 'Company-appointed' Trustee Directors. Of the remaining four members, three are usually referred to as 'Member Nominated Trustees'.

The Member Nominated Trustees are appointed by selection and a special panel has been set up to oversee such appointments.

One Member Nominated Trustee is selected from the Member Constituency and two are selected from the Former Employee Constituency.

All of the Trustee Directors have the same function and meet regularly to oversee the management of the Xerox Pension Schemes. There are three Committees which meet regularly and report to the main Trustee Board.

On the rare occasions when business is not decided by consensus, it is decided by a majority of the Trustee Directors present. In the event of a tie, the Chairman has a casting vote.